There is no doubt that Google is one of the best and most dominant search engines used globally by large numbers of Internet fans. In India alone, Google captured 68% of the share market which includes both desktop or mobile users and it will remain the same forever. Read Top 14 Alternative Search Engines Better Than Google to Use in 2021.

Having such dominance in market share, about 40,000 searches being made per second and around 3.5 billion searches per day as per the “Internetlivestats”.

Are you amazed with these numbers and Google efficiency?

But everything in this materialistic world doesn’t come free. You have to pay either by tangible things or intangible ones. In recent years, it is seen that Internet users are more aware or put a question on how Google tracks and uses customer data with the advertising companies. This makes users look for more private and conservative alternative search engines.

There are so many search engines options available in the market. But when asked to look for Google alternative, your vote went straight up to Bing or Yahoo.

You believe or not, there are specialist search engines available to fulfill your queries as per you need and business requirements. For example YouTube, Shutterstock types alternative search engines are available which return specific results only.

Due to Google’s large market dominance, most of the people in the SEO industry focus on the same only. But there are vast opportunities to drive traffic from other alternative search engines. Google doesn’t fit perfectly for all users. Therefore in this blog we have created a list of most advanced alternative search engines, from the familiar ones to the unknown which are available for use.

Top 14 Alternative Search Engines to Google to Use in 2021

The Search Giants

Think about a search engine other than Google, and there’s a good probability that Bing and Yahoo will come first in the race. Bing facilitates a more visual way of search while many will remember that Yahoo was one of the most powerful search engines prior to Google.

1. Bing

It is a fact that Bing is far more behind Google in terms of how many users are pleasing with the search engine. For now, Bing has around 7% market share in the U.S. Bing provides more or less the same features as Google exhibits. For example Translation, Rich snippets, image search etc.

Apart from this, Bing also offers more advanced features that everyone underestimates. Bing provides a more visual way of searching. The homepage of Bing is dominated by media searches. It also provides machine learning based forecasting of sports score and election polls.

Bings offers far better image search than Google. It provides more accurate results with the help of object-detection intelligence search functions.

Source: BING.COM


2. Yahoo

Once upon a time Yahoo used to be the most successful search engine in the world. But nowadays, it only owns user shares below 3.5.

Still Yahoo owes some respect as Yahoo holds the tag of 3rd largest search engine in the world. The features of Yahoo are somewhat similar with Bing. As Yahoo search is backed by Microsoft Bing. Yahoo is one of the most favorable search engines in case of searching for services such as News, Finance, News, Fashion etc.

yahoo is the best alternative to Google

Source: Yahoo India


Privacy-First Search Engines

Due to recent conspiracy in storing and usage of data by big players, most of the internet user’s become more savvy about their privacy. There are so many alternative search engines available which majorly focussed on the privacy and security details of its users.
Here is the list of most security and privacy focused alternative search engines.

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3. DuckDuckGo

In recent years, DuckDuckGO gained popularity among the users because of its privacy and security features. But it still holds only 1.5% share of the search market in the U.S.

DuckDuckGO claims to be the best alternative search engine for private browsing. For the same reason it gained sufficient popularity among the young users across the globe. DuckDuckGO doesn’t collect any data while you make any search.

It also offers features such as “Bang Search”. This feature comes handy when you perform search on other engines such as Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay etc. But how other websites collect your data solely depends on them.

DuckDuckGo - Best Alternative Search Engine

Source: DuckDuckGo


4. claims to be the world’s most innovative and private search engine”, which doesn’t log, track or share your personal data. Likewise other search engines it doesn’t store cookies or IP addresses of your system.

As is Europe based search engines where rules for privacy are more strict and user oriented when compared to other parts of the world. bold claim about “world’s most private search engine” attracts the European privacy Seal for third party audit of their privacy claims.

If you are too concerned about privacy and relevant search results then is the best choice for you.

Startpage - best google alternative

Source: Startpage


5. Qwant

Likewise, Qwant also claims that they follow strict guidelines regarding the protection of user personal information. Qwant is another best option for those who are looking for the best alternative search platform to Google search engine.

Along with its own indexing engine, Qwant powered by Bing results laid emphasis on avoiding personalizing search results to prevent searchers from getting stuck in a filter-bubble. Qwant is a Paris based search engine therefore all the European privacy protection laws implies on all search results.

search engines other than google that don't track you

Source: Qwant


6. Swisscows

Swisscows is another alternative search engine platform focused majorly on the privacy of the end users. The story of swisscows oscillating around 3 promises which presents them as one of the best search engine alternatives to Google and others of the same category.

Swisscows is another European search engine centralizing heavily on the confidentiality of its users.

Swisscows promote themselves around three core agreement that make them a great alternative to Google and others:

  1. They do not store users data
  2. They place great importance to family-friendly content
  3. They have created an innovative search engine

Swisscows implemented supreme measures to deliver a safe environment for the whole family while enjoying surfing on the web.

Privacy and access limitation is of the main concern of parents while children surf the web.
Swisscows is committed to delivering a search engine which facilitates the safe environment for the complete family which includes children to enjoy the web.

conservative alternative to google search engine

Source: Swisscows


7. Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt resembles the similar UX like Google for users who want a home-like feeling.

Search Encrypt laid emphasis on the “protection of your privacy” by auto detecting the searches which may track your personal information. It intercepts those searches and binds them to Search Encrypt’s privacy-enhanced search engine, which will be set to your default search engine.

Likewise other security enhanced search engines alternative Search Encrypt stores your browsing history for 30 minutes. This is one of the major drawbacks of Search Encrypt. If you are happy with this then enjoy it.

alternatives to google search engine

Source: Search-Encrypt


8. OneSearch

OneSearch is the proprietary search engine developed by Verizon. The pillars of OneSearch is forged around the basic principle

  1. No User Tracking
  2. No Cookies
  3. No Search History
  4. Search Results without any filters
  5. Link sharing with full protection
  6. Keyword Encryption

Verizon is the same parent company which also owns Yahoo. Due to recent security breaches and privacy disasters Yahoo lost honor and respect. However in case of OneSearch search results are powered by Bing with an extra layer of security and privacy protection.

alternatives to google search

Source: OneSearch


Charity & Conservative Search Engines

If you want to become a part of the global support movements then have a golden chance to contribute while surfing on the internet. There are so many alternative search engines are available which donate every time you search. Here is the list of the best alternative search engines.

9. giveWater

It is a very harsh reality that many parts of the world are still deprived of clean water. This problem will become worse in the coming days.

To help people you can do just by making a search on giveWater and also install the web extension to add a drop of clean water in someone’s life.

conservative alternatives to google

Source: giveWater


10. Ekoru

When you make a search on Ekoru, you make one step to clean our oceans.

In recent years Ekoru got sufficient attention just because people are more conscious and aware about the deteriorating conditions of oceans and seas.

Ekoru claims that every search made on their platforms helps to raise funds for cleanup of oceans and seas.

Ekoru is more eco-friendly than any other alternative search engine in the world. As all of their servers are backed by hydroelectricity.

Apart from Ekoru eco-friendly approach, it also committed to encrypting all data when you made a search. He will never reveal personal information to anyone or for his purpose too.

best google alternatives 2021

Source: Ekoru


11. Ecosia

Ecosia is one of the fastest growing search engines in the United states and other regions of the world. The major focus of this browser is to drive revenue and then use the same for environmental changes like plantation drive across the barren lands.

Like some of the above mentioned search engines, Ecosia is also powered by Bing. It inhibits some of the advanced features like Google such as translation, rich snippets, conversion calculators, knowledge graphs for hotels and flights, etc.

Ecosia is also committed to protect your personal information. The search made on Ecosia platform is fully encrypted and it also provides the option to turn off tracking for stream less experience.

conservative alternative search engines

Source: Ecosia


Format-Specific Alternate Search Engines

Getting an expected result is somewhat catastrophic when you search for images, videos, podcasts and other types of information on Google.

Are you still thinking Google is the best option for such searches then you are wrong. There are so many alternative search engines available for specific searches.

Here is the list of top alternative format specific search engines.

12. YouTube

I am guessing that you are already aware of YouTube. Moreover, YouTube doesn’t need any introduction.

As you know, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. You can search any video, movie clips, trailers and content from top creators across the world.

Apart from searching videos, you can upload your own videos and gain the attention of users across the world.

best alternative search engine to google

Source: YouTube India


13. Unsplash

Are you looking for free engaging visuals or infographics or need images for your next blog post then you can easily search the same on Unsplash.

Prior to downloading any image from Google for your next projects, you can give a try to Unsplash for copyright free images available for download without any restrictions.

best google alternatives for images

Source: Unsplash



Have you ever heard about the term metadata? I bet you definitely know about the same. works in the same manner. It is the best place where you can search about the wikipedia, encyclopedias and people’s wikis.

If you are working on your thesis and regularly need to access wikipedia then is definitely going to save your precious time.

google best alternative

Source: Wiki-com


How to Rank on Search Engines Other Than Google?

We have discussed the best alternative search engines to Google. Now, one question will hovered in your mind “How to optimize your website for Google alternative search engines”

If your website works fine in Google Serp then it is the possibility that your website will also be in better rank in alternative search engines as well.

Moreover if you want to spend time then you have to understand the working strategy of these search engines.

In the same way you need to closely monitor the algo’s of specific search engines then only you can perform better.


There is no doubt Google is the best and dominating in the search industry. However there are so many best alternative search engines available which deliver secure and trackless experience. If you are too conscious about the global environmental challenges then using Ecosia and others are the best option with complete encryption.