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Cupping Therapy is a traditional treatment method that is practised across the globe. This therapy uses cupping as a way to cure mild health problems. Cupping therapy is performed by putting cups on the legs, arms, back, stomach and creating a vacuum that helps the skin in pulling upwards.

The manufacturers use materials like silicon, metal, bamboo or ceramic to prepare the cups. This therapy has two methods to be performed, one is dry cupping that includes only suction and the second is wet cupping that includes suction combined with puncturing of the skin.

Many researchers have proven that suction aids in stimulating the flow of ‘qi’ inside the body. ‘Qi’ here refers to the life force. Cupping therapy was firstly performed by a famous Taoist alchemist and herbalist, Ge Hong.

According to Taoists, cupping therapy aids in bringing a balance between yin and yang, which stand for negative and positive, inside the body. The method helps in restoring the balance between the two extremes and enhance the blood flow inside the body which eventually alleviates pain. Not only does the therapy promote blood circulation where the cups are placed but also relieves muscle tension which improves blood flow and helps in repairing cells.

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It is interesting to know that cupping therapy first carried out using animal horns and the suction was created using the heat. After some years passed, cups were made of bamboo and ceramic.

In the beginning, these cups were heated using fire and then used to be applied to the skin. When the cups used to cool down, they tightened the skin under it.

Nowadays, the modern cupping is carried out uding the cups made of glass that are round in shape like a ball, and are open on one end. The two major categories of cupping therapy include:

  • Dry cupping
  • Wet cupping

Health practitioners at GOPT will determine your medical condition and will suggest to you which category of cupping therapy will suit your better and then conduct it on your body.


If you have decided to perform cupping therapy as a treatment plan, then make sure you discuss it with your doctor. You must visit the doctor regularly.

It is to be noted that this therapy is not recommended for everyone, therefore, extra caution is required.

Here we have mentioned who should not be taking this therapy:

CHILDREN: Kids who are below 4 years should not receive cupping therapy. And if older children are being treated with this therapy, then it should be for a short period of time.

ADULTS: As soon as we grow, our skin becomes more fragile. So, if you have been kept on any medications then refrain from undergoing cupping therapy.

PREGNANCY: If you are a pregnant woman, then make sure you avoid cupping therapy on the abdomen and lower back. Also, women who are on menstruation should not opt for cupping the abdomen and lower back of their bodies.

Also, avoid using cupping therapy if you have:

  • Injury
  • Sunburn
  • Recent trauma
  • Skin ulcer
  • Organ disorder

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